Carlos Wizard’s Second Humanitarian Enterprise

Posted on April 06, 2020

After almost two years living in Roraima, alongside Venezuelan refugees, billionaire Carlos Wizard Martins, chairman of Grupo Sforza, begins a new humanitarian mission: to help a refugee family to resume their lives.

Wizard will revert 100% of the sales of his book Meu Maior Empreendimento, an account of his experiences on the border between Brazil and Venezuela. “Everything was ready to run my printed book, but given the situation, I will distribute it in the form of an e-book, for R$ 9. For each download of the book, I will donate an equal amount to help refugee families”, guarantees the businessman, who will also donate R$ 1 per sale of the Taco Bell chain made by delivery.

The estimate is to raise R$ 100,000 for this social cause. Just like in Roraima, Wizard is using his network to attract donations from other billionaires. Among those who have already pledged to support the cause are Cyrela’s Elie Horn and the Safra family. “It’s a shame to see that the situation has become the subject of a political platform in Brazil”, criticizes Wizard, without mentioning by name the controversial position of President Jair Bolsonaro. During the time he was in Boa Vista, Wizard helped more than 12,000 refugees to leave Roraima and restart life in the South and Southeast regions.